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Fingerprints & Live Scan in Chula Vista

What Is Live Scan And The Live Scan Process?

If you have ever heard of the live scan process, you may have wondered what this actually meant. It is a type of fingerprinting, a system by which they will take your fingerprints and compare this against various types of crimes or illegal activity. The use of technology that can quickly access all of the records and police reports nationwide. This allows them to coordinate with law enforcement agencies when they are going to hire somebody for a particular job. This is used for jobs that may include being a teacher, hospital worker, or something in the government. They can do this in a couple different ways. The most common ways for you to have your fingerprint scanned. The other way is to scan your entire palm, and all of this is going to be done electronically. Now that you know what this is, let's describe it in a little more detail so that you can learn about its origins and how this may apply to you.

Where Is This Primarily Used?

This live scan process is used in the United States and is incorporated through most law enforcement agencies. It is considered to be one of their primary tools, one that is so much more efficient than the old style fingerprint system. This allows them to thoroughly identify an individual, and by doing so, they can look into their criminal record if they have one. For example, if someone was ever arrested for criminal activity, it will have a record of the booking, and this may be information that is useful to a potential employer.

Other ways that live scan issues

There are a couple of the reasons that live scan will be used. It's not just for people that would like to get a job. It is used for identifying sexual offenders. For example, if there is someone that is convicted of a sex offense, they will then have to be registered. When they are registered, this will also pop up on the system. Civil applicants, as well as those that are doing background checks, will use this system. The results can be verified very quickly. In some cases, the verification process will not take any longer than 72 hours after the transmission has occurred. This might be different for other countries such as the United Kingdom where the use a similar system which can produce results in about 10 minutes.

What Is The Live Scan Package?

This particular packages representative of what is included once it arrives at the law enforcement facility that will use it. For example, it's going to include a PC workstation. This is either a laptop computer, or a desktop computer, either of which is going to work fine. Next, there will be the fingerprint capture device. You will probably use these at the local DMV. People are no longer required to simply use ink and dependent their fingerprints and thumbprint on a piece of paper. These are using lasers which are much more accurate in identifying a person's fingerprints and thumbprints, as well as a much more efficient process. Next is the digital camera that can be used to photograph the individual that is coming in for the live scan. There is also the signature pad. If you have ever signed anything digitally online, this is very similar, and records your signature without needing to have any type of paper trail.

Is This A New Technology?

What is astounding is that this technology has been around for two decades but it's only slowly being implemented in two different areas of modern society. Part of the reason has to do with funding. It is a very expensive system, and therefore may not be used at places where it would be very valuable. Today you will see these when people are getting their real estate license, notaries use them, and foster parents will actually benefit from this particular type of technology. In addition to this stockbrokers, caregivers, appraisers and teachers are just a few of the many users of the live scan process.

Once your prints have been scanned, and the information is sent out to the digital databases, this will allow the professionals to determine what your record actually is. If they find anything that is questionable, if it does not comply with the terms of your employment at a particular location, this could actually cause you to not get the job despite your qualifications. As this continues to expand, it will likely be used in most areas where companies are hiring people every day. It is a modern piece of technology that makes it so much easier to do research on people that may otherwise be given jobs despite having a criminal history.

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